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Consumers' Attitudes toward the General and Fashion-Specific Climate Environments: Focusing on the Relations with Values, Knowledge, and Climate Cognition
Ihn Hee Chung
Human Ecology Research. 2023;61(4):599-613.   Published online November 27, 2023
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/her.2023.039
Consumer Knowledge and Participation in the Sharing Economy
Yunjik Jeong, Kee Ok Kim
Fam. Environ. Res. 2020;58(4):463-481.   Published online November 20, 2020
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2020.033
Effects of Constructivism-Based Teacher Education Program for Supporting Infant’s Mathematical Inquiry Activity on Variables Related to Infant Teacher’s Mathematics Teaching
Eunji Ko, Jihyun Kim
Fam. Environ. Res. 2020;58(1):105-120.   Published online February 21, 2020
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2020.008
Research Trend Analysis on Practical Arts (Technology & Home Economics) Education Using Social Network Analysis
Eun Jeung Kim, Yoon-Jung Lee, Jisun Kim
Fam. Environ. Res. 2018;56(6):603-617.   Published online December 14, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2018.043
The Research on H-PCK(Pedagogical Contents Knowledge in Home Economics Education) formation process of 2017 Novice Teacher in Busan
Nam Eun Kim
Fam. Environ. Res. 2018;56(3):247-262.   Published online June 22, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2018.019
A Study on the Effect of Environmental Education Using the Advertisement on Children’s Eco-Friendly Attitude and Environmental Preservation Knowledge
Soo Min Lim, Hyojin Ahn
Fam. Environ. Res. 2016;54(5):451-459.   Published online October 14, 2016
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2016.035
The Effects of Perceived Risk on Trust in Products Made in China: The Moderating Effect of Familiarity
Ming Cui, Seung Sin Lee
Fam. Environ. Res. 2014;52(6):601-616.   Published online December 30, 2014
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2014.051
General Characteristics and Eating Styles by Gender and Nutrition Knowledge Level in Upper-Grade School Children in Gyeongbuk
Eun-Ji Kim, Kyung-Mi Yang
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2011;49(1):27-39.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2011.49.1.027
An Analysis of the Items for the Home Economics Teacher Selection Test from the Perspective of the Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Home Economics Education
Nan Sook Yu
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2011;49(1):1-16.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2011.49.1.001
The Effects of Subjective Knowledge on Information Search as Related to a Consumer's Life Cycle
Jeong In Hwang, Jae Ok Park
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(9):41-54.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.9.041
Natural Dyed Products Market Segmentation and Usage of Media and Information Sources among the Segments
Heesook Hong, Miwoo Nam
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(8):113-128.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.8.113
Maternal Knowledge of Childcare and Its Effects on Mother-Teacher Communication
Sun Hee Ahn
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(2):1-12.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.2.001
A Study on Effects of Parent Education Program for Parents with School Aged Children
Sarah Lee, Ji-sook Park
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(1):1-14.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.1.001
The Effects of a Parental Developmental Bibliotherapy Program for Their Young Children's Sexual Abuse Self-Protection
Hui-Young Chun
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2009;47(9):37-53.
The Relationships between Parenting Knowledge and Parenting Style of Mothers with Infants: The Mediating Effect of Parenting Efficacy
Joo-Yeon Lee
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2009;47(5):35-48.
Effects of Infant and Maternal Demographic Characteristics, Maternal Knowledge of Infant Development, Maternal Self-Efficacy, and Maternal Parenting Stress on Infant Development
So-Jung Seo, Lee, Kyoung-Ha
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2009;47(3):87-102.
Parents' Emotional Reactions to Preschoolers' Negative Emotions, Emotional Knowledge, and Emotional Reaction: A Comparison Between Low-income and Middle-income Preschoolers
Sung, Mi-Young, Choi, In-Suk, Lee, Kang-Yi
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2007;45(8):61-75.
The Effectiveness of a Home Safety Program on Mothers' Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice to Safety Injury at Home
Kim, Hye-Gum, Kim, Myoung-Soon
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2007;45(2):33-50.
Relationship between Early Childhood Teachers' Knowledge and Protective Practice on Safety
Eun-Kyung Lee
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(6):15-22.
Effects of 'Diet and Health' Course on Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Attitudes of University Students in the Kangwon Area
Yang-Soon Im
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(5):119-128.
The Relationships between Interpersonal Problem Solving Strategies, Emotionality, Emotional Knowledge, and Event Knowledge of Preschool Children
Mi-Young Sung
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(5):59-68.
Relationship between Adolescents' Sexual Knowledge and their Sexual Values and Interests
Kyong Hwa Kim, Min, Ha-Yeoung, Lee, Young-Mi
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(3):171-179.
An Analysis of the Causal Relationship between Knowledge and Behavior towards Food Hygiene among Child Consumers
Hyochung Kim, Meera Kim
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(3):143-151.
The Effects of Sexual Knowledge & Sexual Attitude through Adolescents' Sex Education
Jung-Ah Song, Choi Hae-Young
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(1):47-58.
Sanitary Management Performance and Knowledge of Employees in Hospital Food Service
Kim, Sun-Ok, Oh, Myung-Suk
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2005;43(11):127-140.
Effects of an Early Childhood Environmental Education Program on Knowledge, Emotional Attitude, Perceived Behavior Control, and Behavioral Intention toward Environmental Pollution
Gi-Nam Gwon, Yoo, An-Jin
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2005;43(8):99-114.
The Perception of Parents on the Eating Habits and Nutritional Education of Their Elementary School Children
In-Kyung Jung, Lee Ji Eun
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2005;43(7):67-77.
An Analysis of the Relationships Among Financial Risk Components
Woonyoung Jeong, Kyungja Kim
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2004;42(10):11-22.
The Effects of Traffic Safety Education by Integrated Activies on Children′s Traffic Safety Knowledge
Jung-Ae Ohm, Yoo, Sun-Hee
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2004;42(9):149-160.
The Life Style of Urban Empolyed Wives and Pro-Environmental Behavior
Soon-Hee Byun, Sun-Ja Kye
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2004;42(9):111-134.
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