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Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association 1987;25(4):9-18.
논문편 : 4급암모늄염 / 수산화나트륨용액에서 폴리에스테르 직물의 알칼리처리에 관한 연구
A Study on Polyester Fabric treated with Quarternary Ammonium Salt and Alkali
Hyo Seon Ryu
This study is conducted to investigate the influence of addition of quarternary ammonium salt(cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide: CTAB) when polyester(PET) fabric is treated with sodium hydroxide(NaOH), depending on experimental variables such as CTAB concentration, NaOH concentration, time & temperature, and the change in physical & chemical properties of alkaline-hydrolyzed PET fabrics depending on their weight loss. The results are as follows: 1. By adding CTAB in aqueous NaOH, the weight loss of PET fabric is increased remarkably and until the concentration of CTAB is reached at its cmc, and the higher the concentration of CTAB are, the more weight loss on PET fibrics are. 2. The addition of CTAB in aqueous NaOH is most effective at lower NaON concentration(2%) among various NaOH concentration, on increasing the amount of weight loss, while there are almost similar results through various treatment time and temperature. 3. As the amount of weight of weight loss on PET fabric is increased, the increase of void space in the PET yarn, of softness & dyeability of PET fabric and the decrease of tensile strength are found. On the other hand, the moisture regain shows a little increase by alkaline-hydrolysis on PET fabric while vertical absorption test & water retention value are not sufficiently sensitive to distinguish between the hydrophillicity of untreated and treated PET fabric. The shrinkage of PET fabric is induced by swelling in hot aqueous NaOH regardless of NaOH concentration & addition of CTAB.
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A Study on The Antimicrobial Effect of Organic Silicon Quaternary Ammonium Salt Using Cotton, Polyester, and Wool  1995 June;33(3)
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